Salesforce, their Partners, their Customers, and You

We deliver official Trailhead Academy training for Salesforce customers in public and private classes, virtually and in-person, around the US and internationally. Our teams also work directly with internal Trailhead teams, supporting certification, curriculum development and Trailhead content.

Our extended team provides subject matter experts on all things Salesforce, and mentors teams, developers, administrators and end users from small businesses, enterprises and nonprofits, and we'll mentor you too. We can help you assess your needs, guide you towards existing technical content or create and deliver a custom learning plan with pin-point accuracy of what your developers need to focus on.

We regularly get pretty high marks and some gratifying comments on our student surveys from the classes we teach for Salesforce and their Partners. Here are some we've recently received.

What students say about Don...

  • 'The instructor was great in adapting to the diverse nature of the class group and was able to pace the course in an excellent fashion.'  
  • 'I am not historically given to throwing a bunch of "Excellent - 5" ratings out there for training classes. However, Don achieved a balance between all four aspects to make the class enjoyable, interesting, and fast -- the time just flew by. He was willing to stick around as long as it took to get you to understand the material.'  
  • 'I feel that Don is a true teacher by heart, focused and dedicated to the education of his students. My learning experience in his class was very good.'  
  • 'Don was awesome. I really liked his presentation skills and knowledge of the subject. I wish I had Don as my instructor in my college courses. ;)'  
  • 'Learning a new programming language has never been so fun. I truely enjoyed the course and Don's style of presentation.'  


What students say about Peter...

  • 'Peter is terrific! Great job. Super crazy knowledgable.'  
  • 'Very willing to help. Will discuss all aspects of Salesforce development. A good instructor.'  
  • 'Very easy to listen to. Explained things very well.'  
  • 'It became apparent to me early on that I was way over my head, but Peter encouraged me throughout and was more than available for questions and clarification before class, at lunch, and after class.'  
  • 'Good class management style...appreciated starting on time every morning and after breaks and lunch and how questions were handled (parking lot).'  


What students say about Dan...

  • 'Dan has a broad knowledge and experience about Salesforce that helps a student like me who is new to product greatly.'  
  • 'Very thorough, yet efficient. Kept my attention the whole week and kept the class on pace.'  
  • 'Nothing. Was great and very very helpful! I really enjoyed taking it and excited to see the doors it will open. I would personally fund this 100 times over!!'  
  • 'Very pleasurable personality and great real world examples given.'  
  • 'Dan manages to inject some fun into a week of sitting in a chair, talking about a fake company. Yay Dan!'  


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